Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They Call Her Mellow Rillo

That title is for you G-pa Cyle!  I adore this yellow dress from Target.  I couldn't resist it when I saw it!

Rilo really loves Sawyer these days.  She lights up whenever she sees him and tries to pet him when he gets close.  The other day while Rilo was on her playmat, I walked in the kitchen to grab something and I heard Sawyer start to whine.  Rilo, while "petting" Sawyer grabbed a chunk full of his hair and wouldn't let go.  She's going to give him a run for his money when she starts moving around!

Also, Adam would like everyone to know he just happened to be in the same shirt I took pictures of him in last time. 


  1. Oh I haven't seen that dress at Target. It is way too cute!

  2. These pictures of Rilo are beauuuutiful! I definitely think yellow is her color :) I miss you Mama Bri Baby! - Janelle