Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Costa Rica

We had the best time in Costa Rica, with our little tagalong Arden.  The trip started off a little rocky...a cancelled flight, an overnighter in Dallas, an extra stop in Miami, lost luggage, and an extra long drive to our hotel.  However, after that, it was smooth sailing and all worth it!  The first few nights we stayed at the base of the volcano, Arenal.  Then we spent the next few days on the coast at the beach.

Arden was amazing.  She just ate and slept and smiled.  We loved spending one on one time with her for a week!  It felt a little surreal, since well, she happened to originate from Costa Rica the year before. ;)  We sure do love her!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Arden on Yellow

These still remain some of my favorite photos of Arden!  Just hanging out in Rilo's room!

Arden Adelia Three Months

This month Arden started laughing.  Baby giggles are the very best!  She laughs the most for Rilo (still does).  We officially named her best baby ever this month when we brought her along on a trip to Costa Rica.  She was a dream...happy and content!

Arden Fish Pants

I love recreating photos of Rilo with Arden.  Here is Arden in Rilo's fish pants!