Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arden Adelia One Month

In her first month, Arden has proven to be an easy going and relaxed baby.  She is happy to go along with whatever we are doing.  She picked up the nicknames, Squish and Squishy due to her chubby little body!  She is also so animated and so smiley!  Looking back at the one month pictures of Rilo and Collier, she looks so much older than them because she shows so much expression!

Rilo and Arden

Rilo is in LOVE with her baby sister.  Almost 5 months later, and the newness and excitement still hasn't worn off.  She wants to know where Arden is and what she is doing at all times.

And a comparison of Rilo (left) and Arden (right) at the same age!

Arden in Black and White

Love these sweet photos of Arden.  She is such a happy, content little baby.  

The Littlest Pumpkin

Arden, at one week old, on Halloween!

Halloween 2013

I just love Rilo's little mind.  Months before Halloween she asked to be a coin.  I have NO idea where she came up with it or why she insisted on it every time I asked, but it really makes me happy.  I like to coordinate costumes, so after some brainstorming, I went with "good luck charms".  Rilo would be a penny, Collier a four leaf clover, and brand new Arden as a shooting star!

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take a photo of the back of Rilo's costume, because I was pretty proud of it.  I ended up drawing the whole thing with my left hand (I'm a righty) while nursing!  :)

Arden's First Week

A little snippet of our first week with Arden!

And then there were 3...

Sometimes I can't believe I'm a Mom of three little kids.  3 under 3 is no joke, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love these kids beyond measure!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gigi and Arden

I live for my Mom coming out to help out after I have a baby.  She cooks, cleans and loves on my babies.  Plus she's great company.  We love having her here!