Monday, July 19, 2010

Nature Girl

I think this outfit would've fit better in an outdoor setting, with her earthy colors and trees on her onesie.  Also, I think Rilo's lack of hair makes her look funny in this headband!

Annnnd on a technical not, these pictures are way overexposed.  I realized I've been editing my photos with my screen on the lowest brightness setting.  They look great on my desktop (because the screen is dimmed) and then they look so blown out on my laptop.  Oops!!!


  1. ha, I was thinking what is she talking about? These pictures look fine... I checked, my brightness is as low as it goes as well. :o) But they still don't look horrible, especially because Rilo is so cute.

  2. OH, and your post is running this Wednesday, just so you know!