Friday, July 30, 2010

Five Months

My iPhone is on the fritz so no iPhone Friday today.  Instead, here are her week late five month photos!  She is just getting cuter by the day.  And her personality is really starting to show through.  I just love this little munchkin.

Around 5 or 6 AM yesterday morning I brought Rilo into bed with us to feed her, in hopes that she would fall back asleep.  She slept until around 8.  And when she woke up, she decided to wake me up too...By grabbing my face and planting a big ol' wet one on my mouth.  And I can't say there's any better way to wake up.  I just can't get enough of her!

Thank you to my hand model/tickler Jess:

Oh, and one last one to make you laugh:

At 5 months:

  • She is a little water baby like her Daddy.  She loves the pool and the tub.  She likes to float on her back and kick and splash.
  • She makes this funny gasping noise, like something is so surprising.
  • She still doesn't really like to be on her tummy, so she has only rolled back to tummy a handful of times.  No use rolling onto her tummy if she hates it I guess.
  • She scoots and wiggles, so she's never in the same spot you left her in.
  • She loves to bring me in close so that our noses are touching.  We just stare and smile at each other.
  • Out of all the songs we sing to her, she randomly love You Are My Sunshine.  She turns and looks at you and smiles EVERY time you sing it to her.
  • She is becoming pals with Sawyer!

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