Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oceanside Beach

First I have to share this story because it's one of those Mom moments I don't want to forget!

The last few days, Rilo hasn't been feeling very well.  She had a fever on Sunday but got over whatever it was pretty quickly.  This whole ordeal has totally interrupted her sleep.  She was barely napping and was waking up several times through the night.  Yesterday, Rilo woke up from her nap after sleeping a little over an hour.  I got her out of her crib but when I set her down, she flopped on the floor and started crying.  I figured she might be still tired so I decided to see if she just wanted to play on my bed for a bit.  She laid right down and let me rub her back.  Then she crawled up to my face, placed her forehead on mine, tucked her hands under my chin, stared at me for a minute and then fell right asleep.

I had one of those choices to make.  I could get up and do the million things I wanted to do or I could lay there and snuggle my baby and feel her warm breath on my face.  I snuggled up close and drifted off to sleep with her.  Snuggling with a baby is pure heaven!  Two hours later, Rilo woke up, sat straight up, mumbled something and then laid down so I could rub her back again.  She fell back asleep and slept for another hour.  That's 4 hours!!  I seriously couldn't get enough of her little cute sleeping body next to me.  I'm going to be so sad when these days are over.

Anyway, back to the pictures of Rilo at the beach! Seriously, playgrounds on the beach=genius idea!

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  1. The pictures are adorable of course, and the snuggling sounds amazing. Ryann almost NEVER wants to snuggle. I miss it so much.