Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Parks

We've been finding a few new parks around here.  This particular park has the craziest slides I've ever seen.  They're almost as tall as a 2 story house.  Don't go down them as an adult...your legs aren't made for them.

Anyway, Josie and Rilo like the little kid section.  I have come to find out that Rilo has no fear.  She will walk to the end of the jungle gym where there is a big drop off and just stand.  Or she'll try to reach out to grab the fire pole or something.  She just freely walks out onto the rope chain section at this park after I've just watched several older kids stand there and refuse to go on that part.  Basically, she has to be watched like a hawk at the park.  Haha.

This is the point where Rilo discovered the flock of geese, starting running after them and yelling "ducks". 

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  1. Ha ha so cute. Ryann is terrified of EVERYTHING at the park. As soon as we put her in a swing she says all done. She will only go on a slide if she is sitting on our lap. Hopefully we can get her to warm up to it soon!