Monday, May 9, 2011

La Jolla Shores + Update

I think it's about time I give an update on Rilo!  She is currently 14.5 months.  I would estimate she's around 20 lbs., probably still a little under.  She's a petite little things. Even though she's little in stature, she's pretty sure she's a big girl and must do everything we do.

She likes to try to walk up and down stairs (instead of crawl) which scares me most of the time.  She likes to take my makeup container and brush and put on her makeup.  She also love brushing her teeth.  Which guess what, she actually has teeth now.  Within a week and a half, she sprouted 6 teeth.  FINALLY!  This has been great because she has become much more interested in eating foods, now that she can chew it all.

This past week Rilo had a word explosion.  She went from saying one syllable words like "dog" to all of a sudden repeating me when I said "stroller".  Then later that same day, she said "cracker" and then "strawberry".  All in one day!  And now she lets me know what she wants in the kitchen and even occasionally throws in a "peease".  It's been pretty fun to hear her figure out how to say the words and then associate them.

She still loves to dance and has recently discovered twirling.  I also help her do forward rolls and she tries to do them by herself, which is pretty funny to watch.  Rilo loves being outside.  Now that we don't have a fenced backyard, Rilo plays on the patio and at the park.  As I think of more I'll share this week.

Now onto the pictures.  These are from La Jolla Shores.

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