Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Traveler

Rilo had gotten in thousands of travel miles and she's not yet 6 months!  We landed in Arizona yesterday and were greeted by MeMaw and PaPa and 150 degree heat.  I love the dry heat though and Rilo doesn't seem to mind it either.  I cannot believe how lucky I have been flying with Rilo.  She is an angel!  This time she didn't sleep very much, but was content to play and smile with all the passengers.  She didn't make one little peep besides a few squeals of excitement. 

Rilo met her Great-Grandma Cisco and Great Grandpa too!  I got some cute pictures of them meeting, but I forgot to bring my computer charger and my Mac is already dead.  I'm planning on picking one up tomorrow.  I have the hardest time using other people's computers...even Adam's laptop bothers me and we have the same model computer.  So here is a quick iPhone photo of Rilo getting ready to board the plane.  I will post on Friday once my computer is up and running again.

Poor girl was so tired!

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