Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Six Months

Dear Rilo Jane,

You are now half a year old!  You have grown leaps and bounds from when we first met, six months ago.  You get bigger everyday and learn new and exciting things right before my eyes.  I am so happy and honored to be your mother.  I consider it an absolute privilege.  You are turning into such a sweet, curious and happy little girl.  I can't wait to see what the next six months bring!  I love you more than words could ever express!


P.S.  You have turned me into an emotional mess...I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now because I love you so much!

She is such an easy-going baby.  She is content and happy almost all of the time.  At six months she:

  • now rolls back to tummy consistently.  Which means she rolls all over the place!
  • is finally sleeping longer periods at night!  WOOHOO!  She rolls herself onto her tummy now, which is helping her sleep longer.
  • likes to drink out of cups or her sippy cup
  • loves to hang out upside down
  • started saying "rah rah rah rah".  One step closer to "mama". :)
  • gained a few more rolls...I'm sure of it.
  • just started eating solids...pictures to come!

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  1. I love the 4th picture where she looks shocked. She is sooo cute Bri! And where in the world do you get those darling lace headbands, I LOVE them!