Friday, June 4, 2010

Three Months

Rilo actually turned 3 months 2.5 weeks ago, but I just now took some pics of her!  And she did not want to smile for the camera for the life of her!! 

A few things about her:
  • She has just started giggling and it makes my day.  She laughs when I fake laugh.  She laughs when I kiss her belly.  And she laughs when I tickle her.
  • She has discovered that she can be loud...really loud.  And she makes a funny gargling, screaming noise.  (I'll post of video of this soon)
  • She loooves to sit.  She tries to sit up from any position she's in.  She looks like she's doing crunches.
  • Rilo likes to play in the tub.  She kicks and squirms all around.
  • She still does her little hand quiver when she stretches, but not as often anymore.  I wish she would do it forever.  It is the CUTEST thing!

We are just loving watching her change and grow.  She has become so much more interactive in the last month!  And we think she gets cuter by the day!

Can you tell she's into eating her hands these days?

And here's Rilo with Great-Grandpa Robb, who was my assistant for the photos.  He was trying to help me get her to smile.  And he did...except I didn't get the picture in time!


  1. What a cutie!
    To answer your dairy free questions: I think it took at least 3 weeks to see a big difference in the amount that K spit up. I've read that this is how long it takes for year's and year's worth of dairy protein to get out of your system (or something like that).
    K never was checked at the pedi's office. Unlike so many other babies, she did seem to be in pain with dairy & there was never blood in her stool...she just spit up all.the.time when it got into her system. If she hadn't been able to eat dairy when we introduced it into her solids diet at 8 months, though, we would have asked the doctor to look into it.