Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Since Rilo loves to sit, I figured the Bumbo would be a great item to pick up.  However, I'm having a hard time finding one that is not pink or purple!  I want to be able to use it for multiple kids so I want a more neutral color.  She did get to test one out recently though!

Her eyes look so big in these photos!


  1. We have a green Bumbo. We got it at BRU, but we did have to check a few times before they had the green in stock. Since Katelyn is small, it has been one of the best baby gear items we own. She still sits in it every morning while I take a shower, dry my hair, and put on my makeup.

  2. We got a green bumbo as well... I bought a girly cover from Boutique Sweet Cheeks on Etsy. Maybe if you can't find a non pink or purple one, you could invest in a boyish cover at some point if you needed it.

    And Rilo is always adorable, I love checking your blogs.