Thursday, August 4, 2011

CA Pt. 2

This flight attendant was awesome.  We were in the last row in the back and he was stuck in a jumpseat between the bathrooms.  At the end of the flight, he let Rilo play with the phone.  You know the one they use to make announcements on.  So while everyone was exiting the plane, they got to hear Rilo saying "hi" and "buh-bye".  She was loving life!

Hanging out with Poppy Cyle.  Sidenote: Cyle's Grandpa name was supposed to be G-pa but Rilo keeps calling him Poppy.  So Poppy it is...haha.

Captain Rilo!  And apparently this girl will NOT hang out in a lifejacket.  She threw the biggest tantrum I've ever seen until someone finally told us we could take it off her if we just watched her carefully.  We took it off and she was immediately happy.

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