Monday, February 28, 2011

On the rocks...

I love that Rilo can walk now because it means we can play outside, even if it's a little wet.  We went to the back and played on the rocks.  She would not even look at me because the rocks were clearly cooler than me.

I'm loving this age right now.  She's so funny and is starting to understand and observe so much.  For example, before nap/nighttime I turn on her noise machine since her room is right off our office.  I normally just turn the dial with my shoe since it's on the floor and I don't want to bend down.  Well yesterday we were playing in her room and she walks over to the noise machine, balances on one foot and attempts to turn it on with her foot.  Ha, so cute. 

She is thinks it's hilarious to burp.  She can make herself burp too.  The other day we were playing on my bed and she looked at me, leaned forward, burped and then laughed so hard at herself.  Haha.  Love little Lo.

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