Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Hanging Out

I decided I want to do a better job documenting a few little stories and moments from each day so I don't forget them.

Moments from yesterday: Rilo took her usual position at the window on my bed, but this time much laughter came as she discovered that Sawyer was outside in the front yard.  She then spent the next 10 minutes yelling "dog" excitedly and pounding on the window so he would see her.

We went and ran a bunch of errands in the early evening and Rilo smiled and waved and said "hi" to everyone.  Such a ham.  I love how infectious her smile is, for me and everyone around her.  I love how she yells out "dad!" to random people because it's her favorite word and it gets their attention.

And now to the pictures...After Rilo dumped Sawyer's water bowl (you know, the new ones we just bought that have lids on them to prevent this sort of thing) on herself, I let her just hang out in her diaper and shirt.  I could nom on those leggies all day.

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