Monday, January 24, 2011

Eleven Months

I love this little girl with every ounce of my being. The thought of her instantly brings a smile to my face. I can't remember life without her!

At eleven months, Rilo:

  • has gotten really confident standing on her own, with nothing around
  • has taken a few steps, but isn't quite ready to do it all the time
  • likes to stay in this funny position that we call the "football player, take a knee" pose.  And she does it all. the. time.
  • loooves crackers.  And yogurt + cottage cheese.  And loves feeding anything she doesn't like to Sawyer
  • added "dog" and "cat" to her words and can point them out in pictures
  • gives the best wet kisses and cute snuggly hugs now that she knows it gets a big reaction from us
  • loves to squeal at the top of her lungs and fake laughs and coughs
  • is obsessed with anything water, including but not limited to the toilet
  • is such a chatty Kathy.  She loves to talk, talk, talk
  • begs and pleads to watch Sesame songs on our iPhones
  • loves to play tug o' war with Sawyer

Maybe she'll be a gymnast like I was?

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  1. Great work friend!! (the kid - well, the blog too, but first and foremost the kid). Jeanne and Emily and I are in Seattle now. Lots to catch up on someday. Take care. Love you. Rodger