Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bows and Binkies

You'll notice in these pictures Rilo is wearing a bow without a headband!  She barely has enough hair, but it stays put!  Now mind you it has to be in the back middle of her head, but yay for her! 

Also, in a few of these pictures she has a binky, but we are pretty much binky free these days.  She has not had a pacifier for naptime/bedtime for the last several weeks.  I had planned on weaning her from it around 1 year, but she had a plan of her own.  She started chucking it as soon as I would give it to her.  At first I thought she was just playing a game, but then Adam pointed out that maybe she just didn't want it.  So we just didn't give it to her one night and that was that.  If she finds one around the house, she'll put it in her mouth.  But she definitely doesn't need it anymore.  Go Rilo!

We were a little grumpy after afternoon naptime!

Thanks Dollar Store for these cute cat slippers.

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