Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten Months

I feel like my life is moving at warp speed.  I cannot get over the fact that it has been 10 whole months since I was in a hospital, giving birth to Rilo.  She is so fun right now and I wish I could freeze every moment so I never forget every little thing about her.

At 10 months Rilo:

  • still does not have any teeth!
  • LOVES graham crackers and pretty much anything carb related
  • started saying "wow, wooow, wow" and most recently "dadoo" which we have no idea what it means, but she seems to really love to say it
  • understands wayyy more than you would think (more on that below)
  • can stand all on her own
  • reached out and attempted her first step to me!!
  • gets into EVERYTHING
  • can't get enough of shaking her head "no" over and over with a big grin on her face
  • loves anything with water, including baths, toilets and dog water bowls
  • can be found in her room flipping through her books when she's not wrecking the house
  • points at anything in her sight
  • looks around for Sawyer when she wakes up from her nap
  • bothers Sawyer any chance he gives her (we really lucked out with an extremely patient dog)

Two quick stories!  First, Rilo found some sort of wrapper on the floor and stuck it in her mouth (of course).  Adam gently told her "no, no".  She looked at him, shook her head "no" and then spit it out.  Then Adam asked her to hand it to him and she reached out and placed it in his hand.  What a good little listener!

Second, yesterday morning I brought Rilo into bed with us when she woke up.  Normally she is all over the place, crawling over our faces and never staying still.  For some reason, she decided to snuggle with her head on my shoulder for a long while.  Then she leaned over and gave me a big kiss on my cheek.  Of course, I made a huge deal out of it, telling her how sweet she was.  Well then Adam asked if she would give him a kiss, and without him gesturing or anything, she leaned over and kissed his cheek too.  So so sweet.  I just can't believe how much she understands!

Sooo in love with this little girl!

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  1. So sweet! No teeth here either - hoping for teeth in 2011... lol