Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eight Months

Here are Rilo's eight month pictures.  I feel like she's grown up so much in the last month!  She is a ham and a half.  She loves getting people's attention and is still the sweetest little girl on earth.

At 8 months Rilo:

  • eats EVERYTHING.  She loves food.  There is not a single food she doesn't like!
  • stands up all the time.  She pulls herself up on anything and everything.  She's not too great and getting back down though.  She can stand and walk around furniture.  She can just lightly lean on something and remain standing
  • says "hi" and waves all the time
  • says "mama", "dada" and "nigh-nigh" (for night night).  She also says very forcefully "dad" and then giggles afterwards.  She also says "hi dad" but I don't know if she knows what those two mean together
  • crawls on her hands and knees and is as fast as lightening
  • FINALLY, figured out how to go from laying to sitting.  She had been getting so frustrated for awhile and is now so happy that she can sit up whenever she wants
  • laughs really hard if you fake laugh
  • loves to watch the cars drive by through the window.  Every morning she crawls over to the window, pulls back the curtain and watches the cars.  Very cute.
  • claps and dances and nods her head
  • is starting to sleep much better.  If she wakes up now, all she needs is for me to lay her down (because of course she stands herself up) and then she goes right back to sleep.  It's great! 
  • still doesn't have teeth.  I'm pretty sure her 2 bottom teeth are sooo close though!
Sorry the color is off in these!

Look what she can do!  She pulls herself up to stand all.the.time.

And up close and personal:


  1. Miss Bri and Baby Rilo... I am so excited to finally meet you... if you are up in Utah for the Holidays? We get there Wed the 15th and will be there till the 27th. My sister is getting married on the 20th of Dec. I really can not wait. Love you darling. :)

  2. Hi!!
    Your baby girl is so darn cute!! I've got a 7 month it's fun to see all the things he'll be doing in the next bit through your sweet baby girl! Thanks for sharing her cuteness!