Friday, March 19, 2010

iPhone Friday

My sophmore year of high school, my friends and I met Monica. She was a foreign exchange student from Spain. We quickly became good friends with her and I still keep in touch with her through Facebook even though she's in Spain! She sent over these adorable monogrammed binkies. Thanks Monica!

Rilo hasn't actually had a binky since the hospital. They messed with our nursing so I took them away. But now that she's older and we're well-established in the feeding/eating department, I introduced them to her again. And you know what she did the first time? Gagged. Ha. But now she likes them as she's falling asleep.

She looks kind of angry in this picture...probably because I had just woken her up with the noise from the phone.

Happy weekend! We're on another trip! To California this time, to visit one of Rilo's Great-Great Grandma's.


  1. youre coming here?! i want to see you guys and the babbbyyy girl!

  2. awwww!! she looks adorable!! I'm glad you liked my present!! take care!!