Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thrift Store Grass Pt. 2

Rilo has been so funny lately.  I need to be better at documenting the things she says.  At this moment she is dancing around to her favorite song in a diaper and pink converse sneakers.   

Here are some Rilo-isms (some which have been on FB):

While we were waiting at a stop light on a walk, a lady came up and started petting Sawyer.  Rilo looks at the woman and says, "Stop Lady.  That's my dog.  You can't give love to Sawyer".

In a prayer at night after throwing a mini-fit while shopping, "Dear Heavenly Father, We're thankful for our bwessings. Please bwess that we can go to the store again and no whining and no crying. And that we can get the ice cream truck toy..."

Rilo has a crush on Cameron, who works with Adam.  The other day I was telling her that Daddy was coming home to eat lunch with us.  Apparently Rilo is already going through conflicted girl issues.  "Maybe Cameron will want to eat with me?  Nooo....Cameron doesn't want to eat with me".

Two mornings in a row, Rilo has emerged in just her diaper. When I asked her why she was taking her jammies off, she said matter-of-factly, " Because I want be Nakers Rilo!". 

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