Friday, June 3, 2011

iPhone Friday + 15 Month Update

Okay, I finally got around to writing on update on Rilo Jane at 15 months.

The biggest thing that has happened in the last few weeks has been her putting phrases together.  Every day she puts a new one together.  Here are some of the ones she consistently says and knows the meaning of:

" Want more water"
" Want that/this"
" Where'd it go?"
" NO, don't want it" (love that one...such a sass!)
" No, stop it" (referring to me taking something from her, ha)
" What's dis/dat?"
" Uh-oh, dropped it"
"Help please, mama" (this one isn't clear like the other ones, but she says it the exact same way every time)

I think I'm missing a couple, but I can't think of them right now.  I think right now her favorite word is "water" or "water bottle".  She loves the bath, pool, toilet, dog bowl, etc.  Pretty much anything involving water.  My favorite is when she asks for water, takes a sip and then dumps it on the floor...then she likes to try to lick it up.  Gross!

As you have noticed by all the pictures, she is still very into shoes.  I think it's funny because I don't make a big deal about shoes at all.  I might try on different outfits, but rarely shoes.  So it's just something she discovered on her own!  She literally parades around in them, takes them on/off and admires them.  Right now, most of Adam and my shoes are out of our closet.

She loves giving hugs and loves, especially to Adam in the's pretty cute.  She also thinks, because we always say "Love you, bye" to Adam when he leaves, that saying "love you" means someone is leaving.  She always follows up with "bye" or "buh-bye".

She is as friendly as they come.  Everyone gets a "hi" and a "bye".  She loves baby Hadlee and I think she does a pretty good job of being soft and sweet with her.  I like when she says Hadlee's name or gets concerned when she's sad.

If you ask her what her name is, she is sure to tell you Rilo.  She also does the noises for a bird, dog and sometimes cow/cat/duck.  She finishes the sentences in some of her favorite books.  And she says "five" when I count to five.

I'm always amazed at what she picks up.  I don't really push anything, but I'm always talking to her and reading to her so I think that helps.

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