Monday, October 11, 2010

Seven Months

I finally took Rilo's seven month pictures, even though she's almost 8 months.  Oops!  We have been busy!

At seven months Rilo...

  • army crawls all around!
  • pulls herself up to stand
  • LOVES being upside down
  • eats lots of different foods
  • had Cheerios for the first time
  • says "mama" and "dada"
  • waves "hi"
  • peers curiously at everything 
I realize her hat is actually a strawberry, but I thought it kind of looked like a pumpkin too so I thought it was fitting for October!


  1. The strawberry hat is very pumpkin-esque. I wouldn't have noticed :)

    Adorable photos - I can't believe our girls are almost 8 months! Time has definitely flown.

  2. Love the photo with her leg just hanging out there. Too cute :o)